ArtCenter| Elective | Spring 2021 | UX for Games


ArtCenter| Elective | Spring 2021 | UX for Games

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Demo Video @ 1.5x Speed

Initial Concept & Design

Emotional Prototype


Process, Changes & Thoughts

Starting off with a concept to disrupt and intervene in digital space, this game was initially designed to make people feel uncomfortable. The aim of the design was to act as a facilitator for people to get to know each other by “forcing” people to get uncomfortable and vulnerable with each other through exposing personal preferences and experiences with each other.

Throughout the process, I wondered about whether or not the game was suitable as a game for people who already know each other (to play to try to get to know each other better), or if perhaps the game was better as an ice-breaker (to be played by a group of strangers, especially in high traffic discord servers). 


In order to understand how the game might be played and how might the game be effective in its intention, I started off by playtesting a wizard-of-oz-ed version and turning to outreach to members of relatively high traffic discord servers to see what they’d think of a game like Exposed. Unfortunately, I was unable to interview the members of the discord servers I had reached out to due to time constraints, but was able to create an emotional prototype that I had deployed to friends that were part of high traffic discord servers and were experienced in moderating servers as well.

From the feedback I received in the interviews and emotional prototypes, it became clear that not only might this game be better as an ice-breaker, but perhaps as a way for people to make genuine connections with each other, in hopes that the connections made would continue outside of the game and into real life. 


Designing with this intention in mind, a few significant changes were made throughout the process. Starting off with a game that allowed people to either talk through a voice channel or type their answers through the text channel, a major decision made was turning it into a game that required players to talk through the voice channel. In addition, instead of a punishment system that would punish players for not having enough points to conceal the answers to the questions, encouragement from other players was added by adding “reactions” to the answers people would talk about. This is in hopes that it will encourage more interaction between players, and that people consider other players' answers more carefully.